The Fish Table 45€/person

The Fish Table consists of an appetizer, a main course and a dessert.

The starter is a creamy carrot soup. The main course includes potatoes, hot-smoked salmon, graved salmon, mustard herring, crayfish herring, salmon salad, smoked beef fillet in red wine sauce, green salad, and bread. We serve pancakes and coffee for dessert.

Fish soup 25€/person

Traditional creamy salmon soup with a slice of dark bread.
The price of the fish soup also includes pancakes and coffee. Pancake is not included if the fish soup is ordered as take-away.

Creme Cake 15€/person

Strawberry filled cream cake. Coffee is included in the price.

Sandwich cake 15€/person

Sandwich cake with ham or fish filling. Coffee is included in the price.

Sandwich cake and Creme cake 25€/person

For the ordering of both a salty and a sweet cake, we have a special offer of 25€ per person.

Tub 200€

There is also the opportunity to bathe tub! We have the tub warm and ready to your desired time.

Sauna 10€/person

We will heat the sauna to your desired time. In the same space there is a shower and toilet.

When ordering products and services, you will receive an e-mail stating that we have received the order. In connection with the confirmation, we ask for special diets as well as wishes and needs for special arrangements.

You can also order food (excluding fish table) to take home or to other events.